No Photoshop Required


Some of our competitors’ products require the use of Photoshop which is clunky, slow and hard to work with. Using them will cost you time and money because:


  • Photoshop is expensive
  • The action scripts are expensive too!
  • Learning Photoshop is complicated
  • Another steep learning curve just to use the action scripts
  • It"s slow and require a good computer to make it work well
  • No option to play with the 3D model in real time


On the other hand, Virtual Cover Creator is a standalone cover creator package that requires no other software to install. You don"t even need Photoshop to design the cover designs in 2D.
FREE Professional Looking Templates



You’ll get 25 free templates when you purchase Virtual Cover Creator Standard Edition or 50 free templates for the Professional Edition. The instruction on how to claim your free templates is included in your order email.


You won’t find this kind of offer from our competitors.

Real-time 3D Preview



In Virtual Cover Creator, 3D rendering occurs in real time. That means you can modify and tweak you covers instantly without having to wait around even one second to see the changes.


On the other hand, if you use our competitor"s software, you would usually have to wait around before you can see any changes, small or big applied to the final image.


Now repeat this delay each time you make small changes, a few minutes of work can take hours to complete!
Flexible Cover Perspectives



Almost all of our competitors offer limited options in term of 3D perspectives and effects. This includes a web based cover design software and Photoshop action script.


That means you will be creating covers with overused styles, effects and 3D perspectives, the same design with everyone else.


Cover images created using Virtual Cover Creator will make you stand out from the crowd as you can create unique styles, with photo realistic shadow and lighting effects that no others cover software can imitate.
Easy to Use


Virtual Cover Creator balances ease of use and must have features.


Our competitors may claim their software is the easiest to use but in reality all it does is load existing cover arts created by other software then combine them to produce a 3D model. You have no control whatsoever in the 2D design of your cover.


At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Photoshop action script that forces you to design at PRINT quality, with so much minute details that you can’t even see when you put it on your website.


Covers you’ve ordered from a professional designer often does not look good on your web site after you redesign your website later. You may choose a different color scheme for your website or, change the background color and realize you need a new product cover design to match the changes.


With Virtual Cover Creator, all these requirements are taken into consideration, you can easily re-design your existing cover to match your newly design website without having to go back to your designer and spend more money for a small update.
Versatile Special Actions

Virtual Cover Creator is the first ecover software on the market that allows you to control how certain parts of your cover are rendered. For instance:


  • Dou want an opened or closed top cover of your boxshot?
  • Do you want a curvy front cover for your paperback book cover?
  • Do you want an opened or closed front cover for your hardcover book cover?
  • How far do you want the disc to slide out from the CD case?
  • Do you want an opened or closed cover for your amaray type DVD/Bluray case?
  • How many books do you want to include the the books-in-a-box bundle?
  • And more…


The variations you can achieve are not limited to pre-defined templates.

Flexible 2D Editing


There is one thing that our competitors does not want you to know, that is their software can’t actually design the cover! Instead, you have to use a pre-made cover art created using other graphic design software.


On the other hand, Virtual Cover Creator comes with a 2D graphic editing features. You can add text layers, image layers, shape layers, use gradient fill color, brush and pencil tools and so on.


You can save all those information in a project file which can be reopened later, and continue from where you left off. There’s no steep learning curve associated with any general use of graphic editor. The variations you can achieve are not limited to pre-defined templates.
Flexible 3D Editing


While working in 3D, you will be able to adjust effects such as the shadow, reflection and lighting, the perspectives such as the camera’s and model’s position in 3D space as well as the rotation then adjust the scaling along the X, Y and Z axis.


Virtual Cover Creator offers more precise controls over the process of creating the perfect cover image for your product.


These options are mostly missing from other competing ecover creator software. But if they do present, you will have to work with confusing interface filled with jargons and vaque instructions.


Some ecover software claim that their software allow you to render true physical simulated shadows, calculates sky dome lighting, adjust the direct, ambient and specular light.Then work with materials with bump and specular effects.


If that sounds too complicated to you, that’s exactly the problem. You are not doing particle physics simulation here, you just want to create realistic covers without having to deal with all those technical details.
Create Packages & Bundles


The PRO version of Virtual Cover Creator can make large product bundles, stacked covers, box sets and home study courses.


They are made up of products already existing in your store, you can offer product bundling by offering several products for sale as one combined products.


There’s no need to design each product cover image from scratch, just load your existing project files and combine them in the Combine tab. Then offer them as a package deal or a compilation or an anthology. If you sell software, you can create software bundles or bundleware.


Your customers will appreciate the resulting simplication of the purchase decision and benefit from the join performance of the combined product.


You can combine any model, in anyway and in any number you like. We are confident you won’t find this feature in most of the competing virtual cover creator.
Can Work Offline


Virtual Cover Creator is a standalone desktop application. It’s not web based so you can use it regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet or not. Just install it on your computer or laptop and work anywhere, anytime.


Other web based cover creator software force significant sacrifice to user experience and basic usability. It also rely on application files accessed on remote servers through the Internet. Therefore, when connection is interrupted, the application is no longer usable.


Online apps also depend on the availability of the server delivering the application. If the company goes bankrupt and the server is shut down, you have little recourse. On the other hand, desktop app like Virtual Cover Creator keeps functioning even after we stopped selling it (but that won’t happen anytime soon).


When a web based app become popular, it increases bandwidth demand and to reduce cost some company may control access to limit bandwidth usage. You will have fewer options in such cases unless a competitor steps in and offers a better product and easy migration.
Save & Edit Later


Another advantage of Virtual Cover Creator over competing software is the ability to save your work into a project file which you can reopen at a later time and continue working from where you left off.


If you release a new version of your product, you don’t have to design its cover from scratch as you can make the adjustment in the current project file.
Unlimited Access


You can create as many cover as you want, use Virtual Cover Creator anywhere anytime. There’s no limit whatsoever.
One Off Payment


With Virtual Cover Creator, you only have to pay once and use it as long as you want. There’s no recurring monthly fees, no subscription fees that block your access to the software if regular payment isn’t made.


If you are serious about doing business online and plan to maintain your products in the long run, you will need a cover creator software that you can use anytime in the future without accumulating extra access fee while it’s not being used.