A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the following covers to get an idea of the image quality achievable with Virtual Cover Creator 3.0! Yupe, it looks so real you can almost feel holding it in your hands!

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    Two Sided Box

    Three Sided Box

    Wide Box

    Book / ebook Covers



    Thin Books

    Special Reports

    Hardcover Special Report

    Paperback Special Report

    Compact Discs

    CD Covers

    DVD Cases

    DVD Cases & Disc

    Electronics Magazines

    Membership / Gift Cards

    Box Sets / Books In a Box

    Virtual Cover Creator supports the creation of up to four books in the box.

    Bundles, Stacked Covers & Home Study Courses

    There is no limit as to the number and the types of cover that belong in the bundle, you are only limited to your imagination. You can create a truly unique view of your products at any angle.


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