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All motorists appreciate having the option of calling a reputable tow truck company whenever they find themselves in dire situations. For example, letís say you are driving late at night with your family on a dark unlit road on a rainy evening. There is no other traffic on this stretch of highway when suddenly your minivan starts to act up. At first you think it is nothing major but within a few miles the motor completely stops and you and your family find yourself stranded dark, lonely highway.

Fortunately, there is a website called , where you have the phone number of a tow truck company in your glove box. You call the 24-hour towing service hot line and within 30 minutes there is a tow truck pulling up behind you. The tow truck driver is friendly and courteous and within a few minutes he has your vehicle hooked up to his tow truck. He then provides your family with a ride right to your front door and takes your wounded vehicle to the local repair shop.

This is a story that happens over and over throughout North America. It is interesting to note as a side point that if you live in the city of Chicago you have the option to choose whatever towing company you want to remove your disabled or damage motor vehicle. The owners of these towing companies are regulated by state, city, and federal laws and therefore they will have to follow these rules. Unfortunately, many of Chicago’s residents are complaining that their towed vehicles are being held hostage by some of these towing companies. These companies seem to be taking advantage of tow-truck services.

These unhappy motorists claim that many towing companies are charging them exorbitant fees for storage and towing. As a consumer there are a few things that you can do if this ever happens to you. The first thing that you should do is make documentation of the situation. Breakdown all information about the tow truck including any locals are markings, license plate number, and the name of the tow truck driver.

You may be required to sign an Authorization Form. Never sign an Authorization to Repair form but only sign an Authorization to Tow form or a Towing Bill Received. Chicago residents are not required to sign and Authorization to Repair form if they request to have their car towed. Make sure that you read all forms very carefully before you sign them. Some towing companies are asking motorists assign a Designated Representative form which will allow the towing company to represent your interests when dealing with an insurance company.

Under no circumstances ever sign a blank form of any type. If you decide to sign a form for repair work make sure that you get all the details in writing. If you do have a problem with a particular towing company taking advantage of tow-truck services then you should try to first deal with the company to resolve the problem. If you are not able to resolve the problem with the company or its representative they should complain in writing to the owner or the companyís upper management. Finally, if this does not work then you can contact the City of Chicagoís Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.