Ronnie Gullible

RonnieGullibeHello there, my name is Ronnie Gullible, and I’m a old school graphic designer, website creator. I purchased this old domain, – because I found it online, – so I apologize in advance to those who had this domain before. It was free – so I bought it.

Anyways, – I graduated in London School of Media Arts, back in 1982, – now when I think about it, – it was such a long time ago, – it’s crazy. On the other hand, – design is still design, and good ideas are still good, and mediocre are still mediocre, and bad are still bad.

World is still spinning, and designers life still looks the same. You think about ideas, and try to execute them as good as you possible can, so the physical things you create would match images in your head. Tools? Well, – it’s just a vehicle for your idea, – but you still have to get from point A to point Z. If you know what I mean.

Sometimes young designers ask me, what about Adobe products, what about drawing pads, what about all that modern stuff. Well, – there’s no problem – I do it all. So if you need a logo, poster, even website design, – it do it, and I do it well.

I have experience of over thirty years of designing stuff, and I hate bragging, but trust me, – it means a lot when it comes to design. Sometimes I love saying that I’ve been there before Helvetica, son.

So yeah, – but don’t get me wrong, – it’s not only a blog about some old designer, bragging about that he’s cool, – I write about my life, daily struggles, problems etc.

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