Editor Window


You will primarily work with the Editor Windows while desigining your cover. Each Editor Window represents the side of a cover model such as the front side, top side, spine side and so on.

The number of Editor Windows that opens up will depend on the type of cover you are working with, i.e Two Sided Box opens up two Editor Windows, Three Sided Box opens up three Editor Windows etc.


The image on the left
shows one of the three Editor Windows that open up when you create a cover.

In this example it’s the front side of a Three Sided Box cover, sized 350×400 pixels.



Context Menu

Right click on the Editor Window to access the contextual popup menu.

Certain menu items such as the Delete, Copy, Cut, Move to Front and Move to Back are only active when you have a layer selected.


Printing Editor Window Content

You can print the content of the active Editor Window by going to "File > Print". Note that this print option is not available to print your final 3D image.

To print the 3D cover image though, you need to use the 3D Print button on the 3D Setting.


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