Combine Toolbar


The Combine toolbar contains buttons and options to help you combine cover models together to create product bundles, stacked covers or home study courses.

This section discusses what those buttons and options do.

To learn how to create bundles / stacked covers / home study courses, please refer to the Bundles & Home Study Courses page.
If you are currently working on a cover when you switch to the Combine Toolbar, the project needs to be closed and the program will prompt you to save any changes before proceeding. The Edit and Tools Toolbars are unavailable while the Combine Toolbar is selected.
Click here to view examples of combined cover models.


Add Model Button

This allows you to add saved VCC project file which contains the model (cover) that you want to combine.


Once loaded, each cover model on the Combine Window is represented by its own thumbnail on the Expanded panel. You can select a model you want to work with by clicking on its thumbnail. You can only select cover models by clicking on their thumbnails.

Once selected, you can peform several actions such as change the model opacity, move the model layer up or down the layer stack, flip it, rotate it, undo/redo as describe in the following section..



If you load a project file previously saved with the "Allow model combination" (see image) option unchecked while on the 3D Preview dialog, a popup as shown below will tell you that the model can’t be used for combining.


Save Image Button

The combined models can be saved as a flatten image in PNG (with transparent or white background), JPG (with the option to adjust the quality level), GIF (with transparent or white background) or TIFF format.

Currently saving combined models into its own project file is not supported.



Opacity Slider

A layer’s opacity determines to what degree it obscures or reveals the layer beneath it. A layer with 1% opacity appears nearly transparent, while one with 100% opacity appears completely opaque.

To change the cover model layer’s opacity, just move the handle on the slider.



Move to Back / Move to Front Button

To move a cover model up the stack, click on the “Front” button. The more times you press the Front button, the higher up you’ll move the cover model.

To move a model down the model stack, click on the “Back” button. The more times you press the Back button, the further down you’ll move the model.

The thumbnails on the right shows the arrangement of the cover stack where the front cover model is located near or at the top while those below it will be placed lower on the thumbnail list.



Flip Model Button

The Flip tool provides the ability to flip a model either horizontally or vertically.



Rotate Button

This tool is used to rotate the a model. You can rotate the selected model layer at an angle clockwise or counterclockwise.



Undo / Redo Actions Button

This tool undo or redo the most recent actions you performed, if any.



Combine Toolbar Shortcuts

While on the Combine toolbar, the following keyboard shortcuts are supported. You can also access these commands via the right-click popup menu. Note that you can only select cover models with your mouse by clicking on their thumbnails.
Select all layerCTRL + A
Deselect layer(s)CTRL + D
Delete layer(s)Delete
CopyCTRL + C
PasteCTRL + V
UndoCTRL + Z
RedoCTRL + Y


To learn how to create bundles / stacked covers / home study courses, refer to the Bundles & Home Study Course section


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