File Toolbar


The File Toolbar provides access to opening, closing, saving, creating new cover project, printing and exiting the software. Note that the terms "model" and "cover" are used interchangeably throughout the documentation.

The menu names are self-explanatory but for reference we will explain them below.

New Button

This allows you to create a new cover model. This "New Model" dialog will be displayed when you click on the "New" button.

You may select a cover model to create by selecting an item inthe drop down menu. A thumbnail preview of the selected model is displayed on the left.



Open Project… Button

This allows you to open an existing vcc project file. Virtual Cover Creator project file is saved with the VCC extension. You can learn more about Project Files here.


Save Button

This button saves the model with the current file name. If you have not saved the model before, you will need to give it a name. The model will be saved into a project file with a VCC extension.


Save As… Button

The Save As command allows you to specify a new file name and its location.


Close Project Button

This closes the current project. If you have made changes that have not been saved, you will be asked to save it before closing the project.


Recent Button

Quickly access previously opened projects.


This allows you to print the active Editor Window using built-in Windows Photo Printing. Note that this option won’t be able to print your final 3D image.

To print the 3D cover image though, you need to use the 3D Print button on the 3D Setting.


Exit Button

Select this button to exit Virtual Cover Creator. You will be asked to save your changes if you have not already done so.


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