Working in 3D


After designing your cover in 2D, it’s time to preview it in the 3D Preview window. The 3D Preview window can be divided into four sections as shown below. You can go to the 3D Preview dialog from the 2D editor by following this step.


1. View Port

This is where the 3D cover is rendered. In addition to the ability to adust the settings via the 3D Setting List, you may interact with the cover here by:

  • Using your mouse wheel button to scale up or down the cover model
  • Drag yoru mouse on the View Port to rotate your cover model
  • Dragging any of the eight handle on the edge of the View Port will remove (crop) the extra white space around your cover

For more accurate control of your 3D model, we recommend using the sliders on the 3D Settings List.


2. 3D Setting List

You can adjust the cover’s 3D properties such as scaling, camera’s and model’s position and rotation, light direction, shadow’s and reflection’s strength and more. You can learn more about the setting details at 3D Setting List page.


3. Title Bar

The Title Bar shows the cover type you are creating. i.e. Two Sided Box, Three Sided Box, Book Cover etc. To close the 3D Preview window, press the [x] button on right edge of the Title Bar


4. Status Bar

Displays some extra information that may be helpful while designing your cover.


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