Working With Layers


A layer is simply one image stacked on top of another.

In Virtual Cover Creator, the image may contain an image (image layer), a text (text layer), a shape (shape layer) and a background layer.

Working with layers are pretty straight forward and not that difficult once you understand how they work.

You’ll find most of the content on this page are basically just some explaination that can be found in other sections of this documentation such as the Edit Toolbar and Tools Toolbar.

If you are already familiar with those, you may skip this page and jump to Face Editor 2D & 3D Model Actions.


You are dealing with layers when you work on Editor Windows. Or when working on the Combine Toolbar
A background layer is always present and cannot be moved nor deleted. You can only change its filled color either with a solid or gradient.
As far as the for the following instructions are concerned, layers include text, image and shape layers excluding the background layer.

Instead of having the instructions in writing, we’ve decided to use video demo for this.











Working With Layers When Combining Covers

Please refer to the Combine Toolbar page to learn how to work with layers when creating combined covers, stacked covers or bundles.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Check out the available keyboard shotcuts when working with layers to help you work more efficiently.


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