Ordering & Registration

Ordering Information


You are purchasing the license key to unlock Virtual Cover Creator which may include free downloads to the Templates page.

Please note that the pricing of Virtual Cover Creator may change from time to time so please visit our Buy page to get the latest pricing.


Virtual Cover Creator Editions

Virtual Cover Creator comes in two editions, the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition. To learn the differences between these editons, please visit our Buy page.


How to Order

To purchase a license key, click the “Buy” button from the “Help” tab.

You can also visit our Buy page to order the license key. We accept payment using

  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mail/Check Order
  • Purchase Order

Ordering online is the fastest and easiest way to order Virtual Cover Creator as it will be processed in real-time and you will receive your license key almost immediately. All the information during the transaction is encrypted and secure.


Registration Information

Unregistered Version Limitation

Virtual Cover Creator is a shareware. The unregistered version of the software will never expire and you may use it as long as you wish. However, the unregistered version has a ‘Trial Version’ watermark embedded on the final cover image. To remove the text, you will need to purchase a license key and enter it into the Key dialog under the Help toolbar.


Benefits of Registration

  • Create non-watermarked images
  • Free minor upgrade until the next major version released. Eg v3.0 – v3.9x
  • Free technical support via email

You can purchase a license key right now and automatically receive it in your email within minutes.


How To Register

After a successful ordering, you will receive a license key to unlock the unregistered version. Please run Virtual Cover Creator and enter your license key.

To register your software, go to “Help” and click on “Key” to open the registration dialog then copy and paste your license key supplied in your order email. You’ll need to restart Virtual Cover Creator to complete the registration. To do so just exit the program and launch it again.

If the license key is not accepted by the program, please make sure you have copied and pasted it correctly, and then if it still doesn’t work, please let us know avia the Help Desk and we will help resolve the problem.

Please keep this information in a safe and secure place and do not allow anyone else to use it. To do so is a violation of our license agreement.


Licensing Details

Virtual Cover Creator is licensed on a per computer basis. You need to buy one license for each computer that is going to run Virtual Cover Creator.

If you want to use Virtual Cover Creator on a server, you’ll need to purchase separate license key for each computer that’s running a copy of Virtual Cover Creator via the server.


Upgrading From Previous Version

If you’ve purchased version 2.xx you will be eligible for amn upgrade discount to version 3.x. Please contact us with your order details and will send you a discount code that you can put in the order form to enjoy a discount.


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