Do-It-Yourself Cover Creator Software

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Design Your Own 3D box shot Like You Paid A Professional Graphic Designer

…but before that ask yourself these questions

  • Is the price of hiring a professional graphic designer to design your graphic too high?
  • Are you selling ebooks, software, CDs, subscriptions or special reports and want a professional looking graphic representation of your product?
  • With so many competing ecover creator online, are you confuse which one to choose?
  • Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars every time you need an ebook cover, software box, or just an update of an image?
  • Do you want control, freedom, and the ability to create the exact 2D and 3D image you want?
  • Do you want to see the image instantly without having to wait days for the graphic designer to show you?
  • Are you looking for easy to use, low-priced software that allows you to create professional looking graphic images for your products?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, You need Virtual Cover Creator!

Thanks to Virtual Cover Creator my business has really escalated. The instructions is well laid out, and quite professional. Yet the drag-and-drop feature is a real time-saver. It’s so quick and simple to use I actually created a perfect test ebook within three minutes of opening the file for the first time! The quality of my finished Three-sided box was better then I expected it to be. I’m personally sold on Virtual Cover Creator. It’s absolutely everything you say it is. Thanks again!

Keith Bolding (US)

Easy to Use & Highly Customizable

Create product covers quickly, and then customize them to your heart's content. Switch between 2D & 3D design effortlessly.

FREE High Quality Templates

Free stylish templates so you don’t have to create custom graphics or buy graphics.

Realtime 3D Rendering

Apply special effects such as reflection and shadow, then move, rotate, scale your cover and view the result in real-time.

Create Bundles & Product Packages

The options are literally limitless allowing you to combine any cover type in any way you like.

While I have used other competitive products for some time, Virtual Cover Creator may very well become the only tool I use to create covers and boxes in the future. It’s that good.

Steven Schneiderman (

Give Your Product the Professional Look It Needs Easily

When you’re shopping on the Internet, you don’t have the benefit of being able to hold and examine the products in your own two hands.

There are fantastic deals to be found online (including your product, of course), but if you’re trying to sell something, you have an additional challenge of giving your product a real, impressive, and professional appearance. You must do this so that people know your product is real and of good quality.

How Virtual Cover Creator Can Help?

Virtual Cover Creator helps you create unlimited, professional looking ebook covers, small and wide box shots, CD/DVD/Blu-ray covers, books bundles, special report covers in FULL 3D.

Create all the professional ebook covers and box designs you want for software, ebooks and books, CDs, special reports and more, all while spending LESS than you’d pay for a graphic designer to do it ONCE.

Support for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes, we are very happy to offer a full, 30 day money back guarantee on our software. If it isn’t working for you, it doesn’t work for us.