Virtual Cover Creator is a desktop application that helps you to easily create professional looking and realistic 3D images of software box shots, e-book covers, CD, DVD Case, member cards and more.

No Photoshop Required

Virtual Cover Creator is a standalone desktop app that does not require the installation of Photoshop or any other graphic design software to design the cover.

It’s not a script that you need to install on your server

It’s a very powerful software that anyone can start using right away.


Easy to Use

Reading the whole documentation is not necessary in order to start designing your cover. There’s no hours and hours of tutorial videos to watch, promised!

Creating a cover is a simple matter as demonstrated below:

Step 1: Select a Cover Model

Start by selecting a model. You have 13 models to choose from:

  • Two-sided Box
  • Three-sided Box
  • Book Cover
  • Electronic Magazine
  • CD Cover
  • CD\DVD Disc
  • Membership Card
  • DVD Case
  • DVD Disc and Case
  • Special Report
  • Thin Box
  • Wide Box
  • Books Bundles (Books In a Box)

For this example, we will create a two-sided software box shot.

Step 2: Design The Cover in 2D

Next, image layers, font layers, fill gradient etc are added on the front and spine sides.

You can learn more about how easy it is to design your cover in 2D under the Flexible 2D Editing heading below. No other graphic editing software required!

« Click image to enlarge.

Step 3: Add Shadow and Reflection in 3D

Next, on the 3D preview, check "Add Shadow Effect" and "Add Reflection Effect" to add shadow and reflection effects.

There are many 3D elements that you can control such as the lighting, camera rotation, model rotation and so on which is explained more under the Real time 3D Preview and Flexible 3D Editing below.

Click image to enlarge >>

Step 4: Save Your Cover

Finally, you can save your cover image in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or TIFF format. You can change the background color or save with transparent background if you wish.

That’s it, you are done! Everything is point and click and drag and drop, it couldn’t be any easier.

« Click image to enlarge


Stunning Image Quality

With Virtual Cover Creator, you no longer have to hire a designer or be a Photoshop expert to create a professional looking cover images for your products. Virtual Cover Creator is made for people like you who just want a quck 3D cover for their website.

You get professional designs with textures, gradients, and an overall polished appearance that looks as if professionals designed the cover. By default, Virtual Cover Creator produces up to 3000×3000 pixels image.

Virtual Cover Creator balances image quality without the jagged edges or pixelation problems and your productivity. Your covers will look so real your customers will be imagining holding them in their hands!



Real time 3D Preview

You can control many 3D and lighting properties in any way you like allowing you to produce truly unique, photorealistic cover images such as:

  • Add shadow and adjust its strength and fuzziness
  • Add reflection and adjust its strength, size, angle and rotation
  • Adjust scaling along the X, Y or Z axis
  • Adjust the camera position
  • Adjust the model position
  • Adjust the model rotation
  • Adjust the camera rotation
  • Adjust lighting in any direction

All of those adjustments can be done in real time and in full 3D environment. Did we mention it’s super fast?

3D rendering occurs in real time providing instant feedback to any adjustment made. That means you can modify and tweak you covers instantly without having to wait around even one second to see the changes.

Virtual Cover Creator is the most flexible and comprehensive cover creator software you can find on the market today.


Create Truly Unique Looks

The ability to adjust the 3D properties allow you to create a truly unique looks for your cover. You are not limited to pre-defined templates with fixed reflection effect, fixed lighting direction, fixed shadow effect, fixed size, fixed camera view and so on.

You can adjust shadow strength and spread, the reflection strength and other attributes

This is powerful as it allows you to present your covers according to your vision, at its best perspective possible.

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Versatile Special Actions

Depending on the type of cover you are creating, a function called Model Actions can be applied to the cover to create a truly unique 3D cover image.

For example, when creating a book cover, you can choose to create either a hardcover or paperback book.

If you choose the paperback type, you can further adjust how curvy the book should be. The hardcover type allows you to adjust how far the front cover is opened. The range varies from totally closed to totally opened front cover.

Unique Model Actions are also available for other cover types such as the Books In a Box, Electronic Magazines, Special Reports, Two/Three Sided Boxes and several others.

« Click image to enlarge.


Built-in 2D Designer

There is one thing most of the competing cover creator software on the market does not tell you, that is they can’t actually design the cover!

Either you have to use a pre-made cover art created using other graphic design software or hire a graphic designer to create a professional looking cover image.

On the other hand, Virtual Cover Creator is also a cover art editor. In addition to the ability to use pre-existing cover art, you can also design your own cover within the application itself from scratch!

You don’t have to open any photo editing software or install extra software.

Under the Drawing Tools menu, you can work with Text, Pencil, Fill, Gradient Fill, Image, Brush and Shapes and create layers like in Photoshop.


Flexible 3D Editing

3D editing in Virtual Cover Creator is very initutive. It’s a matter of changing the slider values to your liking and see the changes you made in real time.

You can adjust effects such as the shadow, reflection and lighting, the perspectives such as the camera’s and model’s position in 3D space as well as the rotation.

Of course you can change the background color or use a transparent background so that you have a matching background as your website and then adjust the scaling along the X, Y and Z axis.

If that sounds too complicated for you, no worries, the default settings will work just fine without the need to change anything!

This flexibility allows you to create a realistic, unique and professional looking covers in the shortest time possible. You’ll be hard pressed to find an easier and more flexible 3D editing features in other cover creator software.


Create Packages & Bundles

For the serious product developers, the PRO version of Virtual Cover Creator supports the creation of large product bundles, stacked covers and home study courses.

There is no limit as to the number or the types of cover that belong in the bundle, you are only limited to your imagination.

Creating a bundle is easy, just load existing covers from your harddisk, then mix, arrange, duplicate, rotate them in anyway you like. Everything is done via point and click!


Can Work Offline

Why does it matter you ask. Well, some ecover creator software are web based application that only work when you have access to the Internet.

Some even require an ongoing subscription fee whether you use it or not!

In contrast, Virtual Cover Creator is a standalone desktop application which you can download and install on your laptop or desktop and use it anywhere, anytime, whether you are online or offline.

If mobility is important to you, then Virtual Cover Creator is the answer.


Save & Edit Later

Most other cover creator software demand you to finish your work in one session. You can’t save your work in the middle and reopen it at a later time to continue working on it.

Granted, creating a cover may only take a few minutes of your time. But what if you want to update and make small adjustment to your cover image in the future? You will have to do it all over again from scratch!

With Virtual Cover Creator, you can create project file to save your work with all the settings and properties intact. Then reopen it at a later time to continue where you left off.

This saves you time and increases your productivity.


Create Unlimited Covers

Pay once, and use Virtual Cover Creator to create as many covers as you like. There’s no limit whatsoever.


Just Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is the price of hiring a professional graphic designer to design your graphic too high?
  • Are you selling ebooks, software, CDs, subscriptions or special reports and want a professional looking graphic representation of your product?
  • Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars every time you need an ebook cover, software box, or just an update of an image?
  • Do you want control, freedom, and the ability to create the exact image you want?
  • Do you want to see the image instantly without having to wait days for the graphic designer to show you?
  • Are you looking for easy to use, low-priced software that allows you to create professional looking graphic images for your products?
  • Are you looking for quick and cost effect way to create bundle images of your products?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions then look no further. You’ve found the solution.


Get Virtual Cover Creator